The PNP is working on a community focused coastal climate change study; Involving Communities in Developing Coastal Risk Management Frameworks in Western Australia.

A number of coastal cities and towns in the region have been identified as being at significant risk from the impacts of climate change [i]. These coastal areas and assets cannot be appropriately accounted for by coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning approaches without a clear understanding of their value to the community.

A key aim of this Project is to gain a better understanding of what communities currently value on the coast and how these values may be impacted as a result of climate change. The information gathered will then be used to inform the risk management and adaptation planning process to better plan and manage coastal risks.

This Project has received funding from the Western Australian Planning Commission Coastal Management Plan Assistance Program.

Local Governments are required to make informed coastal planning and management decisions that need to consider often competing values in areas at current risk or projected to be at risk in the future. In order to effectively address current and future coastal hazards and risks, coastal planning in Western Australia (State Planning Policy 2.6 – State Coastal Planning [SPP2.6]) requires that a risk management approach be adopted. A fundamental component of SPP2.6 is to consult with the community throughout the Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning (CHRMAP) process which includes the identification and assessment of community values.

This Project will look to adopt proven engagement methods such as community surveys, public information sessions and facilitated workshops to provide a robust approach(s) to gather accurate and reliable community data. The Project will test an innovative approach that will bring community values to the front and centre of the CHRMAP process.

The study will focus on three locations identified in the Developing Flexible Adaptation Options for the Peron Naturaliste Coastal Region of Western Australia Reports [ii] as coastal hotspots in the PNP region.

  • Back Beach, City of Bunbury – ONLINE SURVEY AVAILABLE HERE
  • Old Dunsborough Foreshore, City of Busselton – ONLINE SURVEY AVAILABLE HERE
  • Waikiki Beach, City of Rockingham – ONLINE SURVEY AVAILABLE HERE

The Project commenced in September 2017 and will be completed before June 2018.

To complete an online beach user survey please see links above. To get updates including dates for information sessions and workshops please continue to visit the PNP news and events page.

[i] Damara WA. (2012) Coastal Hazard Mapping for Economic Analysis of Climate Change Adaptation in the Peron-Naturaliste Region. Report 169-01

[ii] Acil-Tasman Pty Ltd. (2012) Climate Change Adaptation Options Assessment – Developing Flexible Adaptation Pathways for the Peron-Naturaliste Coastal Region of Western Australia. Prepared for Peron-Naturaliste Partnership