Climate change is a significant concern for many in the community and is particularly concerning for local governments who have to plan and manage for the hazards and risks associated with sea level rise. Recognising the challenges, in 2011 nine local governments from Rockingham to Busselton started a unique collaboration – the Peron Naturaliste Partnership.

Peron Naturaliste Partnership Chairperson and City of Rockingham Councillor Mark Jones said the partnership is a great example of how local governments can come together to address an issue such as climate change that requires strong and unified action.

“The impacts of climate change such as sea level rise and more intense storm events is happening all along our coast, so it makes sense from a resourcing and practical perspective to tackle this issue together,” Cr Jones said.

“The partnership has successfully delivered numerous projects that have included identifying and assessing coastal hazards to seeking the community’s views on what they value about the coast. We are also undertaking a long-term coastal monitoring project across the roughly 200km of coastal and estuarine areas so that we have a better understanding and capacity to respond to erosion and flooding hazards”

The Peron Naturaliste Partnership has gained funding in excess of $900,000 to date and has proven to provide a strong voice to advocate for action on coastal climate change matters at the State and Federal Government levels.

Peron Naturaliste Partnership Coastal Adaptation Coordinator Joanne Ludbrook said when I started in this role ten years ago, it was exciting to be part of an establishing regional partnership focused on coastal climate change adaptation.  Climate Change matters across our coastal communities are complex and increasingly important. Over the past 10 years, the PNP has allowed me to work with decision makers, technical experts and our coastal communities. The PNP has seen great leadership within the Board and support and involvement of staff from all 9 member councils.

More information on the partnership is available on the website at