The PNP and UWA delivered a pilot community values project in the PNP region from Rockingham to Busselton. The project utilised the CoastSnap community beach monitoring sites as a tool to support the collection of real-time community coastal social values.

Data collected from the project aimed to;

  • capture beach goers’ perceptions and values of the coast at a select point in time;
  • compare perceptions and values across CoastSnap sites;
  • investigate change in values and perceptions over time under varying beach conditions;
  • heighten the community and decision makers understanding and appreciation of the coast, coastal processes and associated current and future risks and impacts; and
  • provide a financially viable way to collect real-time social values data that supports coastal decision-making.

CoastSnap is a global initiative that involves the community contributing to beach monitoring by inviting them to take and submit photos of the beach. In addition to providing useful data on coastal change, this program raises awareness of coastal processes. After uploading a CoastSnap photo there was an option to participate in a short 5 minute survey regarding the beach and its value.

The community values data collected complemented the physical coastal monitoring data to assist in the protection and management of the coast. This is becoming increasingly important as the risks to our coastline is increasing due to climate change.

A report that includes analysis of the first six months of data is here.

More information on CoastSnap is available on the CoastSnapWA Facebook page.